Penguin in wedding surprise for bride

Penguin in wedding surprise for bride
A Penguin via

By Animals Correspondent, Jill Dando News

Penguins are one of the cutest animals in the world.

Now they have been used in a wedding to surprise a bride!

Watch this cute video footage which captures the moment a groom surprised his bride on their wedding day with a penguin visit.


Joe Keilty, 36, invited four extraordinary feathered guests when he married his partner, Kerri Parry, 38.

Penguin-obsessed Kerri was over the moon when she first noticed one of the birds waddling down the aisle behind their best man,

Daniel Welch, 36. Daniel and groomsman, Craig Hindley-Poppitt, 34, had pretended the rings were lost and rushed out of the ceremony.


They returned with a bucket of fish and a penguin in tow - which waddled down the aisle with the rings on a pink ribbon around its neck.

The penguin waited patiently throughout the rest of the ceremony before joining the guests for the photos.

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