Paleontologist, Zoologist, Vet – nearly 300 Year 7s dream big

By Jill Dando News

Nearly 300 students aged 11 and 12 have been dreaming big for their future jobs including a Zookeeper, Astrophysicist, Accountant, Paleontologist, RSPCA Vet and Game Developer.

The year 7 students at Priory Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset held real-life-style mock interviews for the entire year group of 11 and 12 year olds.

The students created a CV and were interviewed for a job role of their own choosing in a range of careers including acting, game design, architecture, animal care and zoology.

Finally, they all had their photograph taken with their dream job which will now be displayed across the academy.

Most schools traditionally do mock interviews in Year 10 but the schools in The Priory Learning Trust invest heavily in student career development in earlier year groups.

Director of Careers James Wilmot said: “It was inspirational to hear the massive ambitions of the students in such a wide range of careers. 

“Not only did they do their CVs so excellently, but they impressed in their interviews.”

Principal Angelos Markoutsas said: “We encourage every single student to‘ dare to dream‘ and we believe this is important to start thinking about in Year 7. Well done to every single student.”

PCSA is part of The Priory Learning Trust.