Out of this world! Pupils celebrate unique new Learning Lodge

By Keelan, Toby, Layah, Oscar, Daniel,  Dylan, and other school reporters at Jill Dando News

Photos by Brooke, 9

A UNIQUE Learning Lodge with hexagonal features and sensory plants is being opened at a lovely small school full of kind, bright and welcoming pupils.

The out-of-this-world Learning Lodge will open at Pawlett Primary School Academy in Somerset this week.

It has a hexagonal shape like bees’ honeycomb and is a wonderful, quiet environment for learning.

The lodge will provide fascinating and interesting learning which is the big passion of the school.

Pupil Layah, 9, said: “I am very excited for this new addition to our school and I cannot wait to get to use it. It is a cool, nice and peaceful space for learning.”

Toby, 9, said: “The design shows that we are a team just like bees! The floor is hexagonal and looks like honeycomb – bees work in a team just like us.”

Principal Emma Barker said “The Learning Lodge is a brilliant and really special extra outside learning space.

“It is completely unlike any normal classroom – pupils and staff alike are absolutely thrilled.

“It is comfortable and cosy and allows us even more to work and play outside.”

At the back of the lodge is a sensory garden, full of plants and wildlife growing freely. It also has a quirky floor which is made up of hexagons. There are multiple beanbags for comfort.

The lodge will support all subjects including maths, English, religious education, computing, Science and more.

Mrs Barker added: “Everything we do is to help pupils on their learning journey – this is a magnificent addition to that.“

The opening celebration will take place on Wednesday 30th of June.

The school, which has a history in the village over 150 years ago, is situated in incredibly stunning grounds with sports pitches, a forest school, adventure playground, and next door to a state-of-the-art community club with a 3G football pitch.

It is part of The Priory Learning Trust and has its own Jill Dando News Centre for pupils.

If you’d like to know more about the school, get in touch info@ppsa.theplt.org.uk