Our Silent Pandemic

By Jill Dando News

A world’s first student-led TV documentary is being made on the mental health crisis.

Students aged 13 to 18 from our The Post schools are making a unique TV documentary on the mental health crisis affecting UK children.

Jack and Olivia, two of the Jill Dando News reporters taking part in Our Silent Pandemic

They are now in production of Our Silent Pandemic to go across Youtube and selected TV outlets later this year.

The one-hour film is a partnership between In Charley’s Memory, The Priory Learning Trust, Jill Dando News, Jessie Hawkes from The Digital Ladder, and the Good News Post.

One of the team Olivia, 16, said: “Mental health has become the massive issue of our day. Covid19 has accelerated what was already a crisis. 

“It has become the nation’s Silent Pandemic. Our documentary aims to show the nature of the problem and call for urgent solutions.”

Dawn Carey, Head of ICM, said: “The numbers of young people needing help across the UK has rocketed since the start of Covid19. 

“Urgent action needs to be done. This documentary is quite rightly being done by young people themselves. 

“Funding on big levels is needed on the ground by hundreds of charities just like ICM who are helping countless numbers of people every day.”