Our Founder

Former journalist Shane Dean is Founding Editor of The Post.

He has worked in local, regional and national news for more than 25 years, including as a political correspondent, education correspondent, and general news reporter.

Training hundreds across UK to do good news journalism

Since 2007 he has trained up hundreds of young people across the UK to think positive and to do good news journalism to change the world.

All things are possible PR

Now as a PR Consultant, he takes his ‘all things are possible’ mindset to help visionary Leaders, CEOs and Headteachers to get out their hidden stories.

He often links schools and others up with positive inspirational celebrities such as Bear Grylls and Sir Richard Branson to get the good news out.

Our Good News Post reporter with Bear at a school library launch

Negative to positive thinking

Shane was a chronic negative thinker, with constant fear and anxiety, until his early 20s following a challenging dysfunctional childhood. After discovering positive thinking, he entered the world of news journalism, determined to use it as a force for good.

After several years as a political correspondent, political correspondent, and general reporter, he found his home in the positive side of news – PR.

He is passionate about good news.

Motivating people to think positive

With his enthusiastic style, Shane also motivates audiences to think positive, enjoy their work and live life to the full.

Shane during one of his motivational talks

“Shane works ‘magic dust’ to turn a nothing thing into stories seen by millions of people. If you want world leading PR for your business or people, Shane is your man.”
Oli Ballard, Director and Editor, Business Leader

PR Training for businesses and organisations

Shane also delivers PR training for businesses and organisations in partnership with Business Leader magazine www.businessleader.co.uk

“Shane has a track record in journalism and PR consultancy, deep wells of creativity and integrity. Crucially Shane is a uniquely positive man. I’ve yet to see him regard any glass as half-empty.”
Simon Angear, Head of PR and Former Editor