Our Mission and Values

We are a family friendly newspaper covering UK and World news.

Our mission is to flood the world with good news stories.

✔️ We aim to flood the Media, Social Media and world with good news stories.

✔️ We cover bad news but always turn it into good news.

✔️ We aim to give inspire readers to positivity and hope.

✔️ We give a platform to hundreds of people of all ages to become journalists of good news.

✔️ A safe, mental health boosting and family friendly daily newspaper.

✔️ We cover all news including politics, science, health, sport, and inspire people with articles on animals, life, inspirational people, mental health and even fun.

✔️ We want to use our journalism to make lives better for people and the world a better place.

✔️ We encourage reporters to be kind, compassionate, enthusiastic, positive thinkers, world changers.

✔️ We aim to make readers feel better after visiting our news site.

✔️This is journalism with a smile on its face.