One of world’s best authors backs inspirational Weston students’ latest published book

Jeffrey Archer wrote the foreword for ‘Our Town’, a collection of short stories, poetry and art published by the students of Priory Community School Academy.

In February, Lord Archer gave a writing Masterclass to the students during a tour of the school’s pioneering Jill Dando News Centre that is producing dozens of student journalists, writers and stories.

Led by Head of Careers James Wilmot, the students have already published three books, each one topping the Amazon charts. Jeffrey Archer, with 300 million books sold, wrote: “All of us who were admirers of Jill Dando will be delighted that so many young people are trying to follow in her footsteps and become first class journalists and writers.

“She would have been proud of the efforts the young people from Priory Community School have made in this brave new venture, and I wish them success… and lots of sales.”

Principal Jane McBride said: “Our students leave me in amazement every single day with their creativity, energy and passion. This latest book is a staggering achievement.”

‘Our Town’ is available from Amazon now.