No more politics – we need a national dose of positivity

It is time for a national era of optimism – starting at the House of Commons and infecting the whole of Britain.

Brexit or no Brexit, if you love him or loathe him, Boris Johnson’s call for a can-do attitude is long overdue.

The ‘DUDE’ as he says, is asking for more belief, energy, enthusiasm, and as a nation he is absolutely right.

This is not about politics – this is about positivity.

This is not about Brexit, it is about belief.

Partisan politics needs to end, we need the power of positivity that great times are around the corner.

Boris is storming out of the blocks like Usain Bolt at his brilliant best and brought huge energy to Parliament yesterday.

Just after his performance, I sat in the public gallery amid soaring temperatures. It may have been the sun, heat or impending summer holidays, but there was a positive atmosphere even amongst staff and police.

One bit of good news for humans (not dogs, cats or fish) is that we can all change our attitude. We are in charge of our thoughts.

Prime Ministers, MP and the public need to believe for the impossible for the impossible to happen.

Whatever the goal.

On the flip side, pessimism leads to fear and failure.

Those who believe things can happen and really believe, are the ones that make things happen. Think Churchill, Mandela, the men who walked on the moon.

In a generation of angst, uncertainty and fear, we need an era of optimism to sweep across the nation.

Sure, huge of amounts of ‘stuff’ need to be sorted. We need billions of extra cash for children and schools and services to help families for example.

Yet we also need that vital and world-changing positivity that the impossible really can become possible.