New superb school bike and scooter tracks opened at first ever area Active Travel event

By Declan and Lewis, age 10.

A new brilliant bike and scooter track has been launched at a fantastic school event – the first ever in North Somerset.

Pupils at St Anne’s Church Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset enjoyed the Active Travel Launch where the initiative was launched.

The whole project aims to promote healthy, happy and active lifestyles.

The tracks will help prepare pupils to become excellent users of the road and proficient with their bikes and scooters.

At the event, Avon and Somerset police attended to put security tags on the children’ bikes – so if they get stolen, they can find them.

The event will also launchRoad safety awareness and active travel worships and assemblies, an active travel competition, the introduction of Active Travel Champions and the development of safe and children friendly active travel routes within the community. 

When asked how the Active Travel event would impact on the children, the police officer told our reporters: “The children will be more spatially aware of their surroundings, be more aware of road safety, wear their helmets and have more awareness of dangers from cars and other road users.”

The Active Travel scheme aims to ensure that no children are left disadvantaged by providing access to bikes and scooters for children to hire and use if they do not have one at home.

Even Jeffrey The Priory Learning Trust dog turned up.

Principal Emma Hardy Smith said: “We are passionate about making a safe and excellent environment on the way into school. We are delighted that the event was such a brilliant success.”

St Anne’s Church Academy is a high achieving and happy caring school, and is the first school in North Somerset to receive the highly prized Social Media School Award.

It is part of The Priory Learning Trust.