Netball team unbeaten in five years

Thriving netball players have ended their Hungerford school days by beating every other school in the league for five years running – and carrying off the District cup.

The Year 11 John O’ Gaunt netball team in Berkshire have been league winners for the past four years and have now just won the District Tournament against schools four times the size. 

Sophie Mitchell, Keyleigh Clements, Jasmin Carter, Naya Rota, Chelsea Little, Ellie Humphries and Holly Hyde all excelled, beating St Gabriels 10-1 and the favourites Willink 7-5.

Teacher Katie Eggbeer said: “This really is a special team and a magnificent achievement. 

“They are a very dynamic team, and have gelled together brilliantly after four years. They have made the game look easy and have great careers ahead of them.

“These girls have demonstrated great sportsmanship and have been a pleasure to take on fixtures for the past 5 years. They have shown huge sporting prowess.”