Modern day Good Samaritan programme sweeping Britain after devastation of Covid-19

By Good News Post

The Good Samaritan is alive and well in Britain after a 17 year rolling out of a unique project to cut gun, knife and drug crime and boost kindness in over 250 towns and cities from Brighton to Bradford.

Over 80 areas across Britain are seeing extraordinary cuts in crime and boosts in kindness after taking up the unique Redeeming Our Communities (ROC UK) programme – and 170 more are following suit. 

ROC is a modern-day Good Samaritan project charity organising the selfless helping of tens of thousands of people. 

It uniquely brings together community groups, Foodbanks, Scouts, and CEOs and senior leaders from schools, councils, business, police, fire service, the NHS, voluntary agencies and churches.

They then work together to drive through plans to help those in need including crime, youth problems, family breakdown, loneliness and mental health.

Manchester, Bradford, Burnley and dozens more areas are all seeing excellent progress after addressing knife crime, gun crime and youth issues.

Debra, centre, pictured at one of the latest ROC UK launches last year

Other areas to sign up include Weston-super-Mare in 2020, Taunton, Keighley, Milton Keynes, Reading, Canterbury, the Wirral, Ellesmere Port, Warrington, Skelmersdale. Preston, Northants, Woking, Crewe and Aylesbury.

This month Reading will start the latest ROC UK plan to slash knife crime – and the demand for their projects across the UK is rocketing.

“As the incredible volunteers, supporters and staff running these community-changing ROC projects have shown, there’s a Good Samaritan in all of us!”

Debra Green OBE
Debra receiving her OBE from Prince Charles

Founder Debra Green started the Manchester-based organisation in 2004 and received an OBE for her work in 2014, but current demand is on an unprecedented scale.

Debra, pictured above with her OBE, said: “We have seen a quite extraordinary leap in demand for our programmes since COVID-19. 

“ROC UK is about community cohesion and helping to solve problems as well as increasing kindness between people. 

“As the incredible volunteers, supporters and staff running these community-changing ROC projects have shown, there’s a Good Samaritan in all of us!”

17 years of social transformation across Britain

Debra has 25 years of experience in bringing organisations together towards the goal of social transformation, starting with her home city of Manchester. 

Since 2004, this work has expanded and she has acted as a consultant to many other towns and cities with significant results. 

Debra added: “We have spent 17 years helping towns and cities across Britain with excellent results. Now demand is exploding.

“We uniquely bring together the police, schools, Scouts, business leaders, NHS, councils and other agencies, alongside voluntary organisations and churches, to solve particular problems in particular areas.

“The formula works, and with all the huge challenges of the coronavirus hitting home, we are finding that areas are increasingly desperate to have what we are offering.”

The ROC UK work has attracted interest from public services and local authorities who are impressed by the proven track record and results achieved.

For more information see @weareroc (Twitter) @wearerocuk (Instagram) Facebook 

ROC UK can be contacted on and 0161-393-4511