Meet Rupert, 11, Zac, 12, and Oliver, 13, the world’s first good news scout correspondents

By Zac, 12, and reporters from Jill Dando News

Good news reporters Rupert, 11, Zac, 12, and Oliver, 13, have become the world’s first Scout Correspondents for Jill Dando News.

The enthusiastic trio are reporters for Jill Dando News out of Jill Dando’s former school in Weston-super-Mare, England.

With kindness positivity and brilliance – just like Jill  demonstrated – they will now find, write and post local, national and world good news stories from the Scouts for the Good News Post – the unique newspaper that merges good news with happiness.

The trio from Worle Community School Academy in Worle, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset are excited for the challenge. 

Oliver is a former scout of 8 years while Zac and Rupert are both active scouts. 

Jill herself started writing positive good news stories at the school when she was 13 years old for their magazine Merlin.

Scouts are a UK and world organisation designed to prepare young people aged 4 to 25 with skills for life. Bear Grylls is their ambassador and scouting empowers young people to make a positive contribution to society.

Oliver said: “Scouts are a very community friendly way to protect the environment, make friends and learn valuables.” 

Rupert said “ I like scouts because it is full of fun and excitement.” 

Zac said “I am very excited to be a Scout Correspondent because scouts has been my hobby for many years. “ 

WCSA is part of The Priory Learning Trust and has its own Jill Dando News Centre.

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