Meet Kerith, the smiling two-year-old golden retriever who comforts courageous firefighters

By Good News Post reporter 

Happy pooch Kerith was bred to be a guide dog for the blind in California. 

But her energetic, super-affectionate nature made her unsuitable for guide work so the Carmen family adopted her as their pet.

Now after a spell as a therapy dog in a hospital, she comforts firefighters at the base camp in Northern California who are battling fires following a heat wave and lightning strikes.

The two-year-old golden retriever, a certified crisis response therapy dog, takes her job very seriously, giving smiling affection to firefighters as they take on the Woodward fire in California’s Marin County.

Heidi Carmen, Kerith’s owner, told CNN. “She brings levity and a sense of playfulness even though they know the task of the day will be challenging.

“She makes people feel loved, special and important.”

One firefighter told CNN: “Kerith has the uncanny ability to make me feel like I am the most important person in the world.”

(Photos by Heidi Carmen on Instagram and CNN)