Meet Jeff, The Miracle Cat (by Oliver, 13)

Meet Jeff, The Miracle Cat (by Oliver, 13)

By Oliver, 13, Jill Dando News Correspondent

Jeff, a fantastic feline, lost his leg when he was only ten months old.

He was hit by a car, and quickly rushed to the vets, where he made a miraculous recovery.

Jeff is grey and white, with long hair, and despite overcoming difficult obstacles, like a £2,300 vet bill, he is still catching mice and rats, and even scaling the fence!


He is very strong, and always brings his latest catches to the door, with a step to help him into the catalpa.

The vet called him Jeff ‘the miracle cat,' as he survived, and is functioning like any other cat, as if nothing happened at all!

Oliver of Jill Dando News is one of over 100 Jill Dando Journalists who find, write and publish positive good news out across the world in memory of Jill.

Jill Dando is also a former student of WCSA where the project began.

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