Meet Emily, 14, the first to complete 50 parkruns

By Jill Dando News

Emily, Year 10, at Worle Community School Academy, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset is the first to complete 50 Parkruns at the Clevedon Seafront Junior Parkrun 2k event. 

Emily completed and achieved her Ultra Junior Parkrun wristband when she ran 50 Parkruns in 51 weeks, only missing one week to go on a weekend camp. 

Emily received a Blue Peter Sport Badge after completing her first 25 Parkruns in a row at Clevedon. 

She said she was proud to be the first junior to get all three Parkrun wristbands at Clevedon and wished to thank all the Parkrun marshals at Clevedon for their encouragement each week in all weather conditions. 

Emily now has a set of three Junior Parkrun wristbands. 

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