Meet Dawn, a new Editor for a new age as News and Happiness merge for first time 

By Jill Dando News 

Dawn Carey is the Editor for a new UK/global newspaper merging News and Happiness together for the first time.

Dawn is the Editor (Happiness) in the unique ‘one stop shop’ ‘news’ and ‘happiness’ newspaper – the Good News Post.

Dawn Carey, Editor of the Good News Post, a new newspaper for a new age

The newspaper was launched in 2017 by Good News PR after a recent ‘nuclear explosion’ of mental health affecting minds in recent years.

The Good News Post is believed to be the world’s first newspaper designed to practically boost the happiness, calm and mental health of its readers.

Uniquely the newspaper will have two editors – one for News and one for Happiness. It will also campaign on issues such as more mental health help for millions.

Dawn is not only the Editor but also the CEO of the fast-expanding mental health charity In Charley’s Memory, based in Highbridge, Somerset.

Charley grew up in Somerset but took his own life aged 18 in 2015, which gave birth to the charity.

Dawn of In Charley’s Memory with one of their counsellors and Jeffrey the charity mascot

This timely newspaper for a new age of angst, also inspires and trains hundreds of children 8 to 18 to be Jill Dando Journalists in Jill’s style – kind, humble, positive and brilliant.

Jill Dando News was started by Good News PR in 2017 out of Jill’s former school in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, to create an army of future journalists in the UK and across the world. 

Dawn said: “In these days of relentless bad news everywhere via phones, gadgets and the internet, we need news in a new way.

“Mental health is rocketing in all age ranges and so this newspaper combines both news and happiness.

“We will cover a lot of news but it will have a positive slant to it and have regular tips for being happy, calm and enjoying the moment we are in for example.

“It will also be a one-stop-shop for accessing further help with links to our partners. If a person clicks on the newspaper, they can then click to get help for a wide range of mental health issues.

“It is a newspaper to boost the minds of people – simply news that’s good for you!”

Jill Dando Journalists aged 8 to 18 find and write stories for the newspaper in their school Jill Dando News Centre. 

Reporters are trained by professional journalists such as Jill’s older brother Nigel, Fiona Bruce and others to be reporters in the style of Jill – kind, positive, humble, and with a mindset of ‘all things are possible’. 

Since then thousands of students have been told the inspirational story of Jill Dando, who was murdered in 1999.  

On 26th April next year it will be the 25th anniversary of her death. In her memory reporters as young as 9 have quizzed Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street in 2019 and have written hundreds of stories for the Good News Post and wider media.

The newspaper has a wide variety of partners across education, business, charities, and the Media. They include Britain’s biggest magazine for entrepreneurs and business leaders, Business Leader, The Priory Learning Trust.

It also has many professionals in education, the news, editors, journalists, CEOs, and mental health.