Life saving skills for brilliant Howards Motor Group staff

Life saving skills for  brilliant Howards Motor Group staff

By Jill Dando News

The Donate For Defib WsM Project Team provided vital training to staff at Howards Motor Group in Weston-super-Mare, somerset.

The session covered Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to use a defibrillator, potentially life-saving skills.

The training came about after Josh Bell, Co-Leading Partner of the Donate For Defib WsM Project, visited Howards to purchase a new car.

During his visit, they discussed the project's mission of making public defibrillators more accessible in the community.

Inspired by the conversation, Howards ordered three additional defibrillator cabinets for their Somerset locations to make their devices publicly available.

The Howard’s Motor Group ia a forward thinking and successful sales and maintenance centre.


The Donate For Defib team delivered an engaging training session combining discussion, presentations, videos, Q&A, and hands-on practice with CPR and defibrillator operation.

The team included Bell, Christina Chell, Professor Graham Stuart, Peter Elston, Dallas from Dakota Group, Malcolm Bowen of M De C B Medical, and Lisa Warrington from the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity.

Dallas and Malcolm also provided valuable instruction on bleed kits and their use in emergencies, emphasizing the importance of public access to these life-saving tools.

"It was a very enjoyable session," remarked the team, thanking Howards for their warm welcome.

The Donate For Defib WsM Project hopes to provide further training to Howards staff soon, continuing their mission to empower the community with critical emergency response skills.

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