Children enjoy lively London trip (By Finley, 10)

Children enjoy lively London trip (By Finley, 10)

By Finley, 10, Jill Dando News Correspondent

(The Good News Post gives opportunities and platforms through Jill Dando News to allow children and young people to become real-life journalists. Here Finley, 10, shares his recent experience of meeting Mr Speaker inside Westminster)

Castle Batch Primary School Academy’s news team, along with many other schools from The Priory Learning Trust, travelled to London to meet with Mr. Speaker and celebrate the life of amazing newsreader and reporter, Jill Dando, writes Finley.

When they arrived in London, they passed through security to enter the amazing Houses Of Parliament.  The security took a while but when they entered the House of Commons, it was more than worth it. 

Although they had to wait in an empty room for around twenty minutes, the children were enjoying this amazing experience. 

Mr Chambers, a member of the Castle Batch team and a teacher who went on the trip said “I was very impressed: especially with the portraits,” after he received the question, ‘Were you impressed by the Houses Of Parliament.’

Overall, everybody was in awe when they saw it and even more impressed when they heard the familiar voice of The Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle

The trip was amazing and hopefully there will be more treats like this in the future. 

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