Good news for animals as live exports banned

Good news for animals as live exports banned

By Jill Dando News

The live export of animals abroad for fattening and slaughter has finally been banned from Great Britain - in a move the RSPCA has labelled “one of the biggest days for animal welfare in modern history”.

Members of the House of Lords voted in favour of the Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) Bill, which will outlaw the export of animals from Great Britain for fattening or slaughter.


The RSPCA has campaigned for approximately 100 years to end these gruelling journeys.

Transported animals have endured crowded, dangerous trips on trucks, leading to injury, hunger, dehydration, and stress.

UK Government data shows up to 40 million farm animals have been exported from Britain since the 1960s.

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Emma Slawinski, the RSPCA's Director for Advocacy, said: "This is a momentous moment for animals. I've witnessed the reality of these exports. I'll forever be haunted by the smell from export trucks and the calls of animals as ships leave port."

The RSPCA credits "people power" for helping pass the Bill. Over the years, countless signatures have been gathered, thousands have attended protests, and weekly demonstrations have taken place at UK ports.

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Emma added: "This marks a huge step forward that stops animals facing unnecessary, long journeys causing them suffering. We'd like to thank everyone who has campaigned.”

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