Let’s save the planet! Students launch club to help the environment

Dozens of John O’ Gaunt students in Hungerford start eco club to help world deal with some of the environmental challenges.

Students have already decided to investigate and promote ‘fashion sense for good’ after finding that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet.

And they are going to investigate recycling pens and crisp packets, gardening for wildlife and pollinator pledges and sourcing and growing loofahs – natural alternatives to washing-up scourers that deposit huge amounts of micro plastic in the ocean.    

Librarian Nicola Chester and teacher Claire Amor are both passionate about the environment and are helping to run it.

Student Ellie Bampton, Year 10, said: “We agreed that what we do will be based on facts, scientific evidence and research – something we really value highly at John O’Gaunt School.

“We need to start with urgent practical action within our school, our homes and in the wider community to help prevent Climate Change worsening.”

Student Carter Croysdill, Year 10, said: “We also wanted Environment Club to be positive, empowering and confidence-giving – rather than nightmare-inducing! There is so much that we can do.”