Let music help you get through lockdown, by Grace, 12

Why I Listen to Great Pop Icons During Lockdown, by Grace, 12, Priory Community School Academy

In 2020 and now in 2021, artists from all over the world are releasing new music all the time. From Little Mix’s album ‘Confetti’ and Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’, there are different genres of music still being released. 

There is pop, jazz, rock, r&b, country, disco, any style of music you could imagine! 

The most popular albums are:

 -Chromatica: Lady Gaga

-After Hours: The Weeknd                       

-Sawayama: Rina Sawayma

-Folklore: Taylor Swift 

-BTS: Be

-Changes: Justin Bieber

-Future Nostalgia: Dua Lipa

Music is not just something fun to listen to when you’re bored, it is also really good for your mental health. 

Music is said to boost self-esteem and confidence and help the mind to focus and relax. 

So, to conclude, here’s some advice: get online and find your favorite artists now to help you through lockdown!