Leap year man, 84, celebrates happy 21st birthday

By Jill Dando News Correspondent

A man who was born on leap day in 1940 has finally been able to celebrate his “real 21st birthday”.

Ronald Mustard, from Sunderland, England is 84 but has only been able to mark the actual day he was born every four years.

A surprise celebration, which was themed around the year 1961 – when he was actually 21 – was held at dementia-friendly care home Archers Court in the city.

Staff decided to throw the former painter and decorator a party to mark the “milestone”, while helping him remember his younger days as part of his care.

His daughter Sharon said her father suffered through the Covid pandemic, but since moving to the specialist care home last year he had “come out of his shell”.

She helped arrange the surprise bash, which included residents and staff dressing up as hippies while dancing to music from that era.

“He’s the best person on this earth,” Ms Mustard told BBC Look North.

“He’s been mine and my brother’s wingman for years and we’re here to celebrate his 21st.”

So-called ‘leaplings’ are rare and there is about a one in 1,461 chance of being born on 29 February.

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