Kind people make 10,000 sandwiches to give away

By Jill Dando News

There were kind hearts and sandwiches in abundance in the national sandwich day to remember.

More than 200 volunteers came together to prepare 10,000 sandwiches for local food banks, homeless shelters, and schools in Greenville, South Carolina, America,

They completed the task in just six hours, with volunteers using more than one ton of pimento cheese, plus bacon and tomatoes, for the sandwiches. 

Feed and Seed and Visit Greenville SC partnered for the giveaway, inspired by Eugenia Duke, the founder of Duke’s Mayonnaise in Greenville. 

It’s a city legend that one day in 1919, Duke made 10,000 sandwiches to sell to soldiers and their families, and they wanted to reenact this in 2022 — except this time, the sandwiches were donated. 

Food insecurity can hit anyone, and Taryn Scher with Visit Greenville SC told WYFF it’s “important as an organization to think about those who live here and may not have all of those things and all those resources and just do something good for them.” 

Feed and Seed and Visit Greenville SC hope this is just the beginning of their partnership.