“Kind, gentle, generous, compassionate.” MP that championed the lives of his constituents is hailed for his outstanding character

Reuben, 16, Political Correspondent

Sir David Amess who died today in Essex should be remembered as a politician that young wannabee MPs can learn from.

Instead of career politicians, backbiting and jostling for Government jobs, he lived as an MP differently to many others.

Across the almost four decades he spent representing two different seats in south Essex, he barely left the backbenches, reaching only the lowest rung of the ministerial ladder as a PPS, or bag carrier.

But – unusually – friends say he was comfortable in his job as an MP.

Sir David revelled in his role as constituency MP, working out how to advance the interests of his constituents from outside government by using the levers of power in the House of Commons.

He championed the lives of his people through charm, wit, showmanship and kindness.

He was passionate about animal rights.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “All our hearts are full of shock and sadness at the death of Sir David Amess MP. He was one of the kindest, nicest, most gentle people in politics.”