Kid journalists make Brexit sound simple with abc guide

By Jill Dando News Centre reporters, Grace, Phoebe, Shannon, Thomas and Douggie

Children in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset are doing what others have failed to do – make Brexit sound simple.

Prime Minister Theresa May would be proud of a group of inspirational journalists all aged 10 from North Somerset – with their amazing work to explain Brexit to residents.

The brilliant Jill Dando News Centre journalists have been praised by politicians after creating a simple guide to the complex issue of Brexit.

The pupils at Castle Batch Primary School Academy in their new Jill Dando News Centre have been investigating what Brexit is all about, and have created a simple guide for people that don’t understand it!

Weston-super-Mare MP and Minister John Penrose said: “Wading through hundreds of pages of Brexit news and reports is too much for most people, so the Jill Dando news team’s take is refreshingly direct.”

Labour’s parliamentary candidate in 2017 for Weston-super-Mare Tim Taylor said: “Congratulations to the children – this is a wonderful guide to the complicated issue of Brexit.”