Just go for it and jump outside of your comfort zone! Our own Ellise’ experience on TV documentary

By Jill Dando News

The inspirational Ellise, 21, Disabilities Correspondent for Jill Dando News and the Good News Post is touring schools across the UK with her amazing life-changing story and message.

Here, she shares how she has just appeared on Channel 4 in a program about cerebral palsy

“It’s been quite a hard few months of keeping this massive secret. I can finally announce that I filmed a documentary for Channel 4 social media all about my experiences living with cerebral palsy.

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out that I was chosen to be a part of this documentary. I saw the audition advertisement on social media in the October half term.

“I wanted to audition for the experience and step outside of my comfort zone, I’ve never done anything like this before. My audition self-tape was a little bit about me and my personality. I love to spread awareness of CP so this was a perfect opportunity to show off my knowledge.

“I believe it was 2 weeks later when I found out that I was shortlisted to the last 6, this itself was a massive achievement and very proud to be shortlisted and was chosen to be in the next round. 

“I met with the Channel 4 director and producer over Zoom for them to get to know me more, I wanted this so I worked so hard with my answers and showed my abilities, I had a few late nights of preparing and writing down ideas to include.

“Channel 4 was so impressed by my understanding of cerebral palsy and told me that they would let me know if I was chosen or cut.

“Another 2 weeks went by, I had an email from the producer asking if I was available to jump on a call as she had some news. 

“I don’t think I have ever been so nervous, it was the news that I’d been waiting for. She told me that I was chosen for the documentary! I couldn’t believe it, it felt like I was dreaming. This has been one of my dreams since I started motivational speaking, and the dream has become a reality!

“I can never forget my day in the studio filming the documentary, it certainly was one of the most surreal experiences ever. I felt like an actual queen, haha! I had my own dressing room with professional hair and make-up artists. Being on set with lots of lighting and cameras was incredibly amazing, it is one of my most special memories ever! 

“What is my message from my experience? Life is all about grabbing every opportunity that you are given or seeing, the outcome may not be what you wanted but getting the experiences to improve your abilities and who knows? 

“Those experiences may be recognized by someone else and could open so many doors for you. Just go for it and jump outside of your comfort zone.”