Jill Dando News meets the new Head of one of region’s best Sixth Forms

Jill Dando News meets the new Head of one of region’s best Sixth Forms

By Jack, Year 9, Florence Year 8 and Hazel Year 9, Jill Dando News

Our Jill Dando News reporters have just interviewed the new Head of Sixth Form at the brilliant The King Alfred School Academy in Highbridge. Here is what they found.

Mr Radnidge has been Head of Modern Foreign Languages at TKASA for the last 16 years and has now stepped into the role of Head of Sixth Form.

Mr Radnidge, right, with students and Mr England left

Our brilliant Jill Dando News Reporters interviewed Mr Radnidge recently on this exciting new role.

Will you still be Head of MFL?

No, I won't be Head of MFL any longer. I’ve been in this role for the past 16 years which I have enjoyed immensely and I’m now excited for this new challenge. The MFL department will be left in the very capable hands of Mr Disney as the new Head of department. I will still be teaching languages though so I’m looking forward to Mr Disney being my new boss!

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Will you be taking part in RAG week next year?

Yes - as my new role as Head of Sixth Form starts in September, I am looking forward to being more involved with the running of RAG week next year and I’m very excited to watch the festivities unfold next week for this year’s RAG celebrations.

Are you excited to be the Head of Sixth Form?

Yes very much so! Our Sixth Form is brilliant and is growing in number every year. We provide great preparation for Post 18 life for our young people and it is a fantastic place to continue studying after GCSEs.

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Are there any changes you plan to make to the Sixth Form from next year?

Clearly the new extension will be opened in September and I am looking forward to increasing the number of students within the Sixth Form.  I am looking forward to developing the wonderful work started by Mr Gaskell and I will be looking to introduce some new and exciting courses, so that the Sixth Form is inclusive and meets the needs of all students within our school community.

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be and why?

An ability to time travel, so that I can go back in time and meet some of the most influential people that have helped change the world.  I would love to meet Nelson Mandella, Ayrton Senna, Monet and Victor Hugo!

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