Jill Dando News’ disability correspondent opens prestigious conference

Jill Dando News’ disability correspondent opens prestigious conference
By Ellise Hollie Hayward, 21, Disabilities Correspondent, Jill Dando News

Ellise Hayward, 21, is a motivational speaker and journalist with the Good News Post.

Ellise speaks a message of hope and optimism from her walking frame, using the late Queen’s same voice. Despite having cerebral palsy from birth, using her eyes to speak via high-tech Eye-Gaze technology - Ellise has been motivating audiences across the UK for several years from her walking frame.

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Now she is in schools and other locations motivating children, students, staff, trainee teachers and more.

This week she was in Plymouth, opening the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion conference as a keynote speaker at Plymouth University.

She was speaking to over 100 students who are training to be teachers in mainstream schools.

This was the second year running in presenting a presentation at their conference when the feedback from the students described her speech as ‘life changing’.

Ellise said: “I had the real pleasure to present a presentation about my life living with cerebral palsy, my experiences in mainstream education and my communication journey, as well as what I’m currently doing now as a motivational and public speaker and disabilities correspondent at The Jill Dando News Centre.

“I’m hoping that listening to my speech will help some trainee students if they ever have any students who have additional needs or physical impairments.

“The main message I want everyone to know is that ‘the best teachers are the ones that make sure it’s a positive experience and that every student feels included in everything and listens to them as a person. A smile and a ‘hello’ goes a long way.’

“I was interviewed by ITV News West Country News about why I feel it's important for trainee teachers to make sure that every student feels included and listened to as a person.

“I explained why I chose Queen Elizabeth ||’s voice to be my voice output on my eyegaze.

Her voice was how I wanted to sound, and I suppose to a degree, because the Queen was such a beautiful soul with an extremely distinctive voice, I just felt at ease with it. Now, her voice is also my voice, I love the idea of being Queen Ellise!!  

“If you as a reader are considering becoming a teacher, I want you to know that  I believe being a teacher could be a hard job but the most rewarding job. How amazing to watch your students grow and develop.  

“You could make a positive impact on their education journey and remember that It’s ok to ask for help."

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