Jill Dando Network


The Jill Dando Network is an energised community of young reporters across the world.

Jill Dando was a brilliant TV journalist and the ‘smiling face of Britain’ before she was tragically murdered in 1999.

Now children and young people aged 4 to 25 are being trained to be reporters ‘the Jill Dando way’ in the Jill Dando Network.

Jill grew up in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset England and went to nearby Worle Community School Academy in 1973 where she started her news reporting.

Jill Dando Network expands to Bridgwater

After leaving the school in 1978, she joined the Weston Mercury and rose the ranks to become the best TV reporter around. She was the friend of the stars and everyone wanted to meet her.

But crucially, Jill retained her lovely personality, positive, kind, humble, generous and passionate about good news.

Over 100 reporters now are learning journalism the Jill Dando way in the Jill Dando Network. (JDN News)

Olivia Finch, 14, said: “Jill was the face of Britain. Our news teams are having a brilliant time carrying on her legacy by writing inspirational stories on students and the community.”

Best-selling author Jeffrey Archer launches the Priory Community School Academy Jill Dando Centre, within half a mile from where Jill grew up.

Jill’s old school in Worle set up the first Jill Dando News Centre in 2017, to get their news from Worle to the World. Now other schools across England and the world are doing the same.

Aimee Braithwaite, 14, said: “This is not just hobby, it is a sense of community and family.”

They interview other students, people in the community, and famous people such as Boris Johnson, Bear Grylls, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, James Cracknell, Jeffrey Archer and more.

One reporter in the Jill Dando Network in Jill’s old school

The Jill Dando Network was formed as part of The Priory Learning Trust with Priory Community School Academy and The King Alfred School Academy joining up, alongside a host of excellent primary schools. Priory English teacher Sarah O’ Gorman flew to Malawi to set up a JDNC with African children as reporters.

Jill’s brother Nigel helps with the training.

The JDN highlights Jill’s life and legacy, while boosting positivity, kindness, good news and strong mental health and wellbeing.