Britain’s best student is also prolific good news story writer

(Exclusive) Jubilant Janey officially Britain’s best student as she gains unique first ever 13 GCSE Grade 9 clean sweep – after re-mark of her Business Studies exam

16-year-old Clevedon School student Janey Little is Britain’s best GCSE student after an exam board re-mark of her Business Studies means she has a clean sweep of 13 Grade 9s – the first time ever achieved by any student in the nation.

Only 10 students nationally achieved 12 Grade 9s, and Janey managed to get the extra marks to put her at the top of the nation’s best.

Janey’s haul of top grades were awarded in history, maths, statistics, religious studies, biology, chemistry, physics, English language, English literature, music, computer science, Latin and now Business Studies.

She is now part of Clevedon School’s school sixth form – part of the 11 to 18 Ofsted Outstanding academy based in North Somerset.

A year ago Janey did a week work experience for the Good News Post, writing stories out of schools.

Janey said: “I’m over the moon with this – I didn’t expect to get anything near this. It is great to see that my hard work has paid off.”

Janey is an exceptional student in many ways. On top of her studies and clubs and societies helping other students, she has also written four novels and is writing a fifth non-fiction book.

She hopes to become a politician after studying PPE at university.

Chris Blake, Janey’s Business Studies teacher, said: “Janey has been such an exceptional student. I was aware business was the only subject where she had not got a perfect 9, despite consistently achieving 9’s in our assessments, so I was both confident and praying hard that this re-mark would come up with what she deserved. It turns out 13 is lucky for some! She has an excellent future.” 

Headteacher Jim Smith said: “This is wonderful news and thoroughly deserved. Janey is a fabulous student, humble and hard-working, as well as kind and brilliant. 

“She embodies everything we strive for in students. She also loves learning and a prolific novel writer.

“To become the best performing student in Britain is an incredible achievement. She will have employers queueing up to take her on.”