It’s a Brexit break-up obsession but the kids are suffering

It’s often said that in divorces it’s the kids that suffer most.

So politicians take note – Britain’s kids are suffering with your obsession in the Brexit ‘divorce’ process.

With the national debate turning away from education and a whopping £3 billion ‘released’ for Brexit, politicians ignore that fact that school budgets are shrinking and many children are forced to learn in crumbling buildings.

Enough is enough.

Britain may be better out, or it may be better in.

But it is a mountain-size distraction. The kids are the ones who are missing out.
I’ve been a journalist since 1996, political correspondent, education correspondent, school governor and school PR consultant in the years since then. I’m also a dad of three children in three different schools.

The truth is – kids are kids. They need the best. Deserve the best. They are being ignored. It’s unacceptable.

Today we launch a campaign to get the Government to cough up £1 billion to kit out Britain’s kids with brand new school buildings and fund staff for the most disadvantaged of students.

This is the Britain they deserve.