Is this the world’s best ice cream? Meet Happiness is a Gelato

By The Editor

As the editor of a Good News newspaper, I relish any good news. That includes my passion for good food – and ice cream.

I admit I am an ice cream freak. I love the stuff.

Yesterday, I tasted what I could make a case for being the world’s best ever ice cream Gelato. And I have lots of experience! Milan, Los Angeles, Sydney, Dublin and right across Britain – I’ve had ice cream everywhere. Perhaps too much!

The real Gelato is creamier with less fat and sugar than ice cream. So better for the waist line.

This Gelato was and is hard to describe. It has to be tasted. An incredible mix of chocolate and banana – and incredibly, not one bit of dairy! 


I had stumbled upon Luca Narbona, the enthusiastic owner of an amazing delivery gelato ice cream company called Bo Bom bursting with 67 flavours. I could not contain my excitement, especially when he whipped me out a taster of this banana chocolate sensation. Apparently, it was the first time he had ever created it – so I was one of the first three people to try it.

He told me that happiness is a Gelato. I believe him. He said that in that moment of eating you can forget all the stress and enjoy some quality luxury ice cream. Yesterday I put it to the test. it worked.

Actually there is something very powerful in what he said. Focusing, really focusing on something that you enjoy and forgetting the world for a moment does gives you a glimpse of happiness. We all need that. I think COVID-19 has taught us that even more. Enjoy the moment you are in. Focus on the positives.

More good news… furthermore, having something you enjoy releases the powerful feel good chemicals into our brains that make us feel better. Think dopamine, seretonin.


if you eat your ice cream in the sunshine, you get a double whammy of positive chemicals. Plus a whole load of vitamin D. And if it is quality chocolate ice cream, there is added feel good benefits too.

Whether it be a cup of your favourite coffee, spending time with your child, or looking at your bee-packed blossoming chrysanthemum in your garden, really meditate on what you are doing. Studies show that we enjoy our food more when we stay silent, and have no screens around.


However don’t overdo it. I remember watching a brilliant Michael Mosley programme on BBC showing that rats could not stop eating ice cream because of the mix of sugar and dairy. They would keep on eating it without an inbuilt filter to stop them. I understand that!

One scoop or more? Got to be three. Cheers.

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