Is this Britain’s kindest town?

How A Random Act of Kindness can really make a difference, by Samara, 16, Jill Dando News and The King Alfred School Academy

This year, kindness has been more important than ever. Checking in on our neighbours, helping to deliver food to the elderly, volunteering in local food banks, helping to deliver medication to the most vulnerable. 

These are some of the small tasks, which people up and down the country have been completing on a frequent basis, to make a difference to each other’s lives, in this unprecedented climate. 

In Cirencester, a launch of a recent kindness project has helped bring a smile to people’s faces. 

The project involves strangers leaving a note alongside a bunch of flowers of people’s footsteps, hoping to bring happiness during this second national lockdown. 

Founder, Jenny Webster decided to bring the project to Circenster, after her sister received a bouquet from a similar project in London. 

She began by leaving two bunches of flowers on people’s doorsteps, and then waited. Eventually she heard back from the second recipient, Laura Date, who had just moved to the area and said that these flowers, were exactly what she needed. 

She was so inspired by Jenny’s act of kindness, that she has now started to give bouquets of flowers away herself. 

In a recent interview with ITV West Country, Laura, one of the first recipients of the flowers, stated: “At times like this, just a simple and a thoughtless, selfless act, that can really change someone’s day and make them smile.”

Jenny, the founder of the Cirencester project, also said: “I think everybody is struggling and putting on a brave face, and it’s important to bring the community together and try and spread some joy.”

As a result of Jenny’s acts of kindness, flowers are being left all around the town in an effort to try and bring some joy during these difficult times, emphasising the overwhelming need for community spirit this present day.