Inspirational Grace aiming for high-flying dancing career after first starting in the pursuit at the age of two.

Grace Brown, 11, of Castle Batch Primary School Academy, Weston super Mare, in Somerset, is doing competitions, pantomime auditions and dancing activities inside school.

She started dancing whilst only a toddler and has been inspired by the Banjo Brothers, and can do a range of dancing including Hip Hop.

Grace told the Jill Dando News Centre: “I would like to do dancing forever. If you want get into dancing, start by dancing in every opportunity you have and just join a club.”

Headteacher Vicky Dupras said: “Grace is an enthusiastic student here at Castle Batch and always puts 100% into everything that she does. 

“She works hard academically and she works hard at her dance, which I know that she loves. I see a very bright future for this superb student!”

Castle Batch is a high-achieving and happy community primary school, and part of The Priory Learning Trust.