Big hearted ‘Tech Fairy’ fixes old computers and gives them to neighbours in need 

By Jill Dando News

An inspirational Tech Fairy’ is fixing old computers and giving them to neighbours in need.

Craig Clark is using his skills to give new life to old computers. 

The computer technician from Florida in America is known as the “Tech Fairy,” after his generous heart.

He puts out a call on the Nextdoor website for laptops and desktop computers in need of repair. 

Once he’s done fixing them, Clark gives the computers away to people who need them.

He said his goal is “hopefully improving their lives,” he told USA Today. 


Clark has distributed more than 430 repaired computers, with one going to Melissa Servetz’s daughter for school. 

Servetz, a single mom of four, and Clark became fast friends, and her kids now call him Grandpa Craig.

We’ve become like family,” Servetz said, adding, “the minute you meet him, you’re inspired.” 

Clark said he doesn’t want to be the only Tech Fairy around, and would love it if more people joined him in fixing up old computers. 

“You’ll be amazed by the results that you get,” he said.

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