Inspirational students rewarded for exceptional work

By Good News Post

Inspirational students have been rewarded for producing exceptional work across their school.

They have been doing amazing work in geography, humanities, history and religious studies and are being rewarded with certificates.

Humanities teachers at Worle Community School Academy in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, nominated several students a week who were producing amazing work in each of the subjects.

Impressively, Ellis was nominated four times by different teachers for his excellent effort in lessons – the highest amount of any student in the school.

Dillon in Year 9 was a close second and was nominated three times for fantastic work in history and geography. 

In Year 7, Amy, Harrison, Jack, Leighton and Lily received certificates.

Year 11’s top students were Olivia and Megan, while Year 8 was Charlie.

Principal Jacqui Scott said “This is an absolutely superb achievement by the students.”