Inspirational students renovate an African school – and they need the help of town business and individuals.

Chilton Trinity and Robert Blake have carried out projects over eight years including helping to build two toilets, renovating seven classrooms, two toilet blocks, and funding a new reception, in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The students have been fundraising for months to pay for the trip to help the African children from very rural communities.

Now the 40 students are asking for the help of Bridgwater businesses and individuals to help fund their next trip in June 2019.

Student Olivia Kamin, aged 15, said “I’m very passionate about helping Africa and we would really appreciate any help from businesses and people who can sponsor our trip”.

Teacher Makayla Jones said “I am very excited for what’s planned and I think it’s very meaningful to the African children giving them access to what we expect in our education in the UK. It certainly makes us appreciate more of what happens in the world.”

Year 11 Chilton Trinity student Angel Clark-Smith said: “I can’t wait to teach children over there and it will be a fantastic experience for us all.”

Mr Tyrell from Robert Blake, who has been on one of the expeditions stressed the importance of this expedition to our young people.

He said “It is not just about helping a very poor school in South Africa, it is also just as importantly about helping young people in Bridgwater learn about themselves, raising their aspiration for the future and giving them an opportunity to change the future for both themselves and other people.”