Inspirational students launch anti-bullying club

By Olivia Finch and Joshua Keyes

A handful of amazing Year 8 students at Worle Community School have launched an Anti-bullying club to help any students who have worries about being bullied

They want to create an army of ambassadors to help keep the experience of every child incredibly popular.

Leah Duffy, Kacey Gazzard, Matt Kenworthy, Jay Summers and Ashley Wilkins-Headwords have all joined forced to set up the group.

The students will help their fellow classmates by listening to them in a safe, quiet and calm environment where all information would be kept confidential, but the students would also offer their support through social media.

Student Lacey Gizzard said: “We would try and sort it out between the students, and if it’s gone too far then we would talk to teachers.”

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “These students have been incredibly enterprising to come up with this idea and to run with it. We aim to make every child have a positive experience of school and to enjoy every day of school.”