Inspirational Isla, 9, raises cash for cancer charity by running 56 miles in lockdown

By Olivia, 10, and Jill Dando News reporters. Photo by Joe, 10

Inspirational Isla Filer ran 2 miles a day for one month to raise money for Cancer Research UK. 

The big-hearted Isla was passionate to help the charity because she wanted to help a lady she knew who has cancer.

She goes to the wonderful St Anne’s Church Academy, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Isla even made her own t-shirt highlighting her feat for when she did the run down her road.

Isla was joined with her family and even her pet dog, Teddy, whilst she was running.

Isla said, “I was quite impressed with myself by how far I ran and the amount that I raised to help the charity.”

Isla would like to be a vet when she is older. She is a fast runner and good at football.