Inspirational 83-year-old adventurer plans more challenges after becoming oldest person to sail solo across the Pacific

By Jill Dando News

Inspirational Kenichi Horie has made history, becoming the oldest person to ever sail solo across the Pacific Ocean – but he is not stopping there.

It took 69 days for the 83-year-old Japanese adventurer to travel from San Francisco to the Kid Strait off the western coast of Japan. He arrived on Saturday, and said the last several days of his journey were hard, thanks to a strong tide.

“It was my great joy to have been able to make a challenge as a real goal and safely achieve it, instead of just holding onto it as a dream,” Horie said.

“I want to be a challenger as long as I live,”

It was a full-circle trip; in 1962, Horie became the first person in the world to finish a solo sail across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco.

His other accomplishments include sailing solo around the world in 1974 and on a wave-powered boat from Hawaii to Japan in 2008.

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