Incredible young gymnast wears UK bronze medal with pride

Incredible young gymnast wears UK bronze medal with pride

Lexi, 12

Six years of training paid off when Evie, 11, received a bronze medal at her recent national competition on the 11th September 2022.

Working with a trio with two older gymnasts, Evie competed at the British Aerobic Championships which was hosted at Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent.

Having just started in Year 7 at Priory Community School Academy, Evie started the year with an impressive score and helped her team come home with a bronze medal.

Fellow PCSA student, Ruby, 14, was also part of the aerobic trio and did an excellent job with her teammates to achieve Bronze.

Evie explained that before she goes on stage she is "always nervous" and was "shocked at first", having gone home back without a medal at the last Championship.

This year was the girls' year to shine.

"Once I’m on the stage, I imagine that it’s just me, the music and the judges," said Evie.

Learning to channel her nerves, she was able to perform to an incredibly high standard against gymnasts right up to senior level.

Training locally, Evie has high aspirations for the coming year with plans to perform at The Weston Playhouse and at all upcoming national contests.

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