Hundreds of students have a successful week in the working world

Hundreds of students have a successful week in the working world

By Evie, 12, Jill Dando News Correspondent

Over 250 Priory Community School Academy students returned back to school after a successful week of ‘work experience’ in the professional world!

Some of the Year 10 students travelled as far as Cornwall and some chose businesses or charities in local areas within Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. 

Many of the students went to local primary schools, nurseries or garages but there was support from a wide range of companies, including The Grand Pier Weston, @Worle and Weston College being amongst the businesses which embraced new students.


Students received amazing comments made about their contributions throughout the week.

Some quotes were: “She’s been fantastic with the children, they absolutely love her! She has also embraced life at forest school”.

Another employer commented that “he became more confident as the week progressed and communicated and made conversation with the team very professionally”.

Proving themselves proud, one employer shared that "if he was a little older, he would have been offered a job here for both the Club & The Hotel!”

All the feedback from the week was of a similar tone, explaining how the students have grown in confidence, learning great skills for their future working life. 

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