Hundreds honour David Evans, who jointly founded Street Pastors in Weston-super-Mare

Hundreds honour David Evans, who jointly founded Street Pastors in Weston-super-Mare
Image supplied - David Evans

By Jill Dando News

The community in Weston-super-Mare is mourning the loss of David Evans, the visionary founder of the local Street Pastors initiative. 

David Evans, a former police officer with a deep faith in God, saw the need to provide a compassionate presence on the town's streets, especially at night when revellers frequented pubs, clubs and bars. 

David has just died aged 76.

His legacy includes the Street Pastors project which has helped hundreds of people since it was founded back in 2006 in Weston. 

Weston Street Pastors (image supplied Street Pastors)

His longtime friend, former Sergeant Dave Holtby, shared fond memories of how their partnership and the Street Pastors movement took shape. 

Weston Street Pastors

Dave Holtby recounted their first meeting in 2004 at a commemorative event for fallen officers. 

Despite David Holtby's initial reservations, David Evans boldly struck up a conversation that revealed their shared histories and Christian faith. 

Inspired by the Street Pastors founder Les Isaacs, who began the Street Pastor organisation in London in 2003, the two former colleagues became determined to bring the concept to Weston-super-Mare. 

What started with breakfast at a Portuguese café in Frome soon blossomed into an active network of volunteers patrolling the streets, offering assistance and spiritual support.

In 2009 David H and David E both received the Mayor's award for Inspirational and Dedicated Work in the Local Community

Dave Holtby and countless others are remembering a man of conviction who transformed the night-time landscape through simple acts of compassion. The Street Pastors he pioneered in Weston remain a living legacy, ensuring David Evans's spirit of caring service endures.

David Holtby said: “David was a great man and without him the wonderful work of the street Pastors would not have happened. He has left an amazing legacy.”

It is fitting perhaps that just ten days ago at the Blakehay Theatre, the Weston Street Pastors were honoured by the Mayor of Weston, Ciarán Cronelley, by being presented with the Borough Shield for the organisation giving the greatest assistance to the local community. David would have been proud that his joint venture has been honoured in this way. 

We, the Weston Street Pastors, honour David Evans and pay tribute to his unswerving passion and vision for helping, caring for and listening to the people of Weston. Thank you David. 

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