History teacher sings Katy Perry hit song to win world’s first ‘The Masked Teacher’

By Jill Dando News

History teacher Nigel Smith has been unmasked as the first ever The Masked Teacher competition winner in The King Alfred School Academy recreation of hit TV show ‘The Masked Singer’.

Nigel belted out the tunes World in Motion by New Order and Roar by Katy Perry from his home as his alias ‘Panda’ to win through.

The runners up at the Somerset school were English teacher Torie Meredith as Pink Lady, science teacher Chelsea Atkins as The Thing, and French and German teacher Lee Disney as Angry Bird.

The whole event was a huge success, receiving 1200 votes, and even praise from Mark De Lisser who works as a vocal coach to the stars on The Masked Singer.

Nigel said: “Thanks everyone for voting for me. This was a brilliant event that brought the whole school together and I’m also delighted to be voted the winner.”

Head of Creative Arts Laura Whiteoak said: “There were some scintillating performances and any of the top few could have won it, but Nigel showed a fun and carefree style and world-class choreography to capture the audience’s hearts.

“The real success behind the event has been the way it has brought the school together even though we are all apart. 

“I definitely felt the post show ‘buzz’ that we usually get with a live concert and I know others have enjoyed it tremendously from all of the emails and social media messages we received.

“Our next fun event will be TKASA’s Got Talent at the end of March, where we celebrate the talents of our wonderful students!”

Head Boy Jack Millier alongside Percy PLT, The Priory Learning Trust’s 7-foot hedgehog mascot, presented the winning prize.

TKASA is one of the fastest improving schools in the south west, and has a thriving school-based sixth form.

The Masked Singer is a global success TV show with editions on ITV in the UK, as well as America, Italy and Germany.

To watch the TKASA show click https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_b0oI9Wg6ZveyFuBwn-KFVTKcbKFxXPS