Highly recommended – don’t miss the Black Widow

By Samara, The King Alfred School Academy





Those are the four words that I’d use to describe the latest instalment within the MCU cinematic universe – Black Widow.

Following the story of the first female hero within the MCU, Black Widow is an action-packed spy thriller that is sure to keep anyone on the edge of their seat.

Natasha Romanoff (played by the incredible Scarlett Johansson) is forced to confront a patriarchal figure of her past – Dreykov (played by Ray Winstone), in her journey to become an avenger.

Along the way, she is reunited with her adoptive parents, Melina and Alexei, as well as her younger sister, Elena (played by the charismatic Florence Pugh), as she tries to piece together Dreykov’s movements and formulate a plan of how she can save his network of “Widows” before it’s too late. 

Dealing with themes of identity, family, sacrifice, and justice, this movie is sure to move you. As per tradition with any Marvel movie, there’s a perfect balance of humorous lines which heighten the emotional experience.

Director Cate Shortland has certainly raised the bar with her impeccable work in creating this fantastic movie, which if her backstory or even family, is explored any further will certainly be one to reach.

I would highly recommend this movie to any Marvel Fan.