Hero Leanne in NHS fight back against coronavirus in one of UK’s biggest trauma centres

By Liam Drury

Leanne Kirk, who left Worle Community School Academy in Weston super Mare, Somerset in 2009, is currently working as an A&E nurse and student mentor in the South West’s biggest trauma centre. 

The inspirational nurse left WCSA in 2009 and embarked at A levels, other courses  and a Foundation degree in Health And Social Care Practice.

Amazingly, at University, she joined the Royal Navy Reserves to enhance her life experiences, which she serves as a second job and takes her across the world.

Now she is helping the NHS help people right across the south-west to battle the coronavirus.

She said: “Alongside my daily working life, the Navy is my second job and supplements nursing with life skills, extended clinical and teaching skills, free travel, sporting opportunities and friends for life. 

“I’m just about to start a training instructor role where I’ll be guiding new recruits through their basic training.

“With the right mindset and a positive attitude towards success and failure, anything is achievable!” 

Principal Jacqui Scott said: “We absolutely love to hear from former students, and we are thrilled that Leanne is helping out the NHS in such a big way during this national crisis. 

“We are very proud of her and the work she is doing with the NHS and the Navy.”

Former TV journalist Jill Dando is also a former student of WCSA And her name has given birth to Jill Dando News and JDTV in The Priory Learning Trust.

The incredible school will celebrate its 50th birthday next year.