Help our kids mental health campaign

As Boris starts as Prime Minister now is his chance – and yours – to help millions of children.

Boris, like Theresa May, may get sidetracked by Brexit but this is an even bigger crisis. Children’s futures and the nations are at stake with unprecedented and accelerating issues.
We are absolutely delighted at Fridays news at £14 billion of cash for schools. Incredibly wonderful good news.
Now we need to help children in a mental health crisis, as numbers are rocketing 
We urge Boris to reduce CAMHS waiting lists to zero and help schools to roll out mental well-being programmes including a CAHMS professional in every school.
The situation is desperate and the time for action is now.
Political leaders from Thatcher to Theresa May have promised to help our children and schools.
Tony Blair in 1997 said on the steps of Downing Street that his priority was “education, education, education”.
Yet children and schools are more in need then ever.
Schools are chronically underfunded, and the numbers of mental health cases is rocketing. Yet agencies to help them have been drastically cut.
This is your chance to make a difference. We are calling on students, teachers, headteachers, parents and communities to join our campaign.
At the moment even suicidal children are facing 1 year waiting lists and worse. Some as young as 7.
CAMHS are incredibly overstretched because of the rise in the number of cases, and because funding for a ‘middle level of support’ has gone under ‘austerity.
We were delighted to hear in an exclusive interview with our GNP, new prime minister Boris Johnson‘s pledge to “significantly” increase the amount spent on every secondary school pupil to at least £5,000. He also told our reporters he would be helping the mental health of students.
And he excitingly, apparently wants to “unleash” the talents of the nation by giving every child the same opportunity to “express their heaven-sent gifts”.
Now we urge headteachers, teachers, parents, governors, professionals and students themselves to help on our campaign.
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