Head Girl in top maths school releases teaching video

By Jill Dando News

The Head Girl of a school that is officially one of the nation’s best for maths has released a teaching video for younger students 

Worle Community School Academy was recently named one of the top performing Hegarty Maths schools in the country, ranking in the top 10% for the amount of videos watched by our students.

Now Head Girl Olivia Finch, (right in the photo) has done a Youtube video to teach younger students how to use the site, which they can access from home. The video will also be really useful for parents and carers.

The official title of ‘Hegarty Maths Super School’ was awarded to WCSA after a fantastic year of Hegarty Maths usage; particularly during this year’s remote learning. 

Olivia, who is also Student Editor of Jill Dando News, said: “Hegarty maths has been a huge help during my time at WCSA. It has quizzes, tests and helpful advice.”

Hegarty maths is an educational platform which is used in schools to help students learn all the different maths skills they need for their GCSE qualifications.

Last year WCSA became the only state school in Britain to win a prestigious ‘maths in miniature’ video competition combining maths with sports. 

WCSA is a ambitious Academy which aims for happy, ambitious and aspirational students.

To see the video subscribe to WCSA on Youtube.