Harness the power of giving - with £5 from all harness sales going to homelessness charity

Harness the power of giving - with £5 from all harness sales going to homelessness charity

By Jill Dando News

Many of us were shocked by recent negative descriptions of homelessness as a lifestyle choice.
Norwich-based dog harness and accessory specialist Topdog have decided to respond with a more supportive act this Christmas!

Over the festive period, proceeds from all Topdog harness sales will go to St Martins Housing Trust.
This charity focuses on maximising independent living and preventing homelessness in Norwich. Topdog will donate £5 for every harness sold, with no donation cap per basket.

John Skinner, Topdog’s Director, comments:
“Charitable giving has always been a big part of Topdog, but following recent unfortunate public commentary around homelessness, we felt that it was important to help a charity that recognises the wider support that those experiencing homelessness need and which does such amazing work providing it”.

This initiative will run from the 1st to the 31st of December or until stocks last, offering an opportunity for those with four-legged friends on their Christmas lists to contribute to a meaningful cause.

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People sleeping rough need a roof over their heads. They need a warm bed. But they also need a reason to get out of it in the morning.
St Martins helps people experiencing homelessness and those at risk by offering them a hand up and nurturing their self-esteem and trust in others.

Empower them to make positive choices. To some, they are a lifelong solution.

To others, they are a stepping stone to rebuilding their lives. St Martins has supported people in Norwich and Norfolk for over 50 years.

PHOTO - Topdogharnesses.co.uk

Topdog has a history of supporting charities, having engaged in such efforts since 2019. Specialising in dog harnesses and accessories, the company has a process that sees £1 donated to various charities for every harness sold.
These donations are strategically aligned with the design of each harness, supporting different organisations such as The Pink Ribbon Foundation for Breast Cancer and The British Bee Charity.

The popularity of Topdog's harnesses is evident, with harness sales making up nearly one-third (41%) of the brand's total sales from January to November 2023.
Each harness boasts an original, hand-drawn design with options for reversibility, adjustability, and nylon straps. The designs prioritise the comfort and adaptability of dogs and owners, ensuring quick drying, durability, and the ability to attach ID tags.

The Topdog team is committed to using their harnesses to continue supporting charities, keen to continue their collaborations and producing more unique styles dedicated to good causes.

Readers interested in exploring Topdog's full range of harnesses and contributing to these charitable initiatives can find more information on their website.

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