Happiness is Your Garden, writes Harrogate Flower Show shortlisted Matt Davis

Landscaping, design and maintenance expert Matt Davis, fresh from a shortlisting in the Harrogate Flower Show, explains how to boost your mental health in Your Garden

Being in your garden is one of the biggest boosts you can make to your mental health.

‘Shinrin-Yoku’ https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11469-020-00363-4  or ‘forest bathing’ is just the start of the experience which can transform the difficulties of the Covid19 era into something positively different.

It also helps us to be present, connect to the world, and forget about all the bad news going on.

Gardening is an ancient practice going back as far as the Neolithic revolution. Born from harsher times we now get to enjoy the tranquility and pleasure our gardens bring us, with TV gardeners such as Monty Don and  Alan Titchmarsh, promoting the benefits the industry is now booming.

We’re fortunate to live in one of the greenest places in Britain, in the heart of Somerset, it’s a stunning place to live and work.

As a passionate outdoors landscape designer, I am never happier than when I’m helping a client to transform their garden. Maintenance and upkeep are vital to keep your garden looking amazing and a place you want to spend time in.

Having honed my skills at the world famous Cornwall-based Eden Project under the tutelage of TV gardener Matt James and laterly with Robin Templar-Williams, one of the UK’s finest garden designers, who also inspired me to set-up my company YOURGARDEN.

Now practicing what I love and I am equally happy undertaking design jobs as well as getting my hands dirty with maintaining the gardens for my clients to enjoy.

Most of the people I work for comment on how they feel mentally better once their gardens are how they like them to be, they want to be outside more and appreciate the smaller things, like how the ornamental grasses flow gently in the wind or just how much better the garden looks after a really good tidy-up. 

The mental effects can’t be overstated enough and there is a resurgence in organic vegetable growing and fruits.

Many of my clients are seeking to get involved with this to reclaim that side of life again, and who doesn’t enjoy their own produce!

So whether it’s a happiness boost, relaxation and mindfulness, or eating fresh produce, look no further than YOURGARDEN.

Matt is based in the heart of Somerset. Click www.ygsm.co.uk or follow us on Instagram and Facebook